Hello World

Hello there!

My name is Kaitie and I am a freelance photographer and graphic artist that lives in Wisconsin. Yep, Wisconsin – known for cheese, beer, and an abnormal love for the Green Bay Packers.

But there is so much more to Wisconsin than just cheese, beer and our fabulous Green Bay Packers. And there is much more to me as well.

Today, May 14th 2013, is my birthday. Today I turn 23 years old. I thought this would be an appropriate day to start this blog because I’m at a crossroads of sorts. Even though I have a stable job and a decent social life, I want more. Sometimes I feel like I’m trapped in Wisconsin, even though I love it here. It doesn’t help that I see all these amazing things other 20-somethings are doing out in the world. And then there’s me, watching them do these amazing things via YouTube in my small one bedroom apartment. Then I get jealous of these wonderful, outgoing 20-somethings and think “Why can’t I rock at life like them? Why can’t I have amazing adventures and do something amazing?”

Well simply, the answer is: “I can do something amazing.”

I realized somewhere between 5am, 3 cups of coffee, a 90’s boy band song, and 3pm today, I can do something amazing with my life. I can be one of those wonderful 20-somethings!

And this blog will document my journey.

You’ll read about my travels all over Wisconsin and hopefully other awesome places, see photos of the freelance work I’m doing, and witness random tidbits about life here in the Midwest.

Love from WI,




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