Wisconsin Adventure #1: The Original Plan

This adventure has not happened yet but it has been three months in planning. It originally started out as a “me” trip and has evolved into a group trip.. There is now 6-8 people going on this trip.

The Trip: Canoeing down the Wisconsin River near Boscobel, WI

Duration: 3 days, 2 nights

When: July

Camping style: Minimal – lightweight

Mission: Paddle, drink a few brews, and have fun

Wisconsin summers can be brutal. They get hot and humid and sticky. So I thought a canoe trip would be perfect for this summer. I mentioned to my friend and old roommate Ben I was thinking about doing a canoe trip and he jumped at the idea. Suddenly my me trip turned into a group trip. Which is cool, the more the merrier.

We are planning on going through a canoe company for this trip. That way we can rent the canoes, get transport to and from the pick up/drop off points, and they have an idea of where we are located. So if anything happens to us, they can send the DNR to receive us and/or their canoes. This is also the cheaper option. Woot woot saving money!

I’ll keep you posted on what happens next!


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