Engagement Session – Emily and Casey

Hello Friends!

Today I want to talk a little bit about an engagement session I did in the fall, for two of my best friends, Emily and Casey.

I met them my freshmen year in college, we all worked at the university cafeteria. Emily and I didn’t really work together but I worked a lot with Casey and later joined brother/family fraternities (yes we’re Greek and proud of it!). It Emily and I took a little more to warm up to each other (mainly because she was scared of me – at the time I had my hair dyed black and wore too much black eyeliner. I looked like an emo child). So to win over her good graces, every morning when she would come in to get breakfast (I worked breakfast in the cafe and made killer egg McMuffin sandwiches) I would doodle on her to-go bag with silly pictures and Taylor Swift lyrics (she loved her songs). And then Boom! We became like sisters!

Emily and I were roommates for a year our junior year, making Casey my pseudo roommate. That entire year I was like – c’mon Casey! Pop the question! You have been dating since high school!!!! What are you waiting for?!

Finally the next year, on my way to Deer Camp (aka to my family cabin for deer hunting season) I got a phone call from Emily informing me they were now engaged!

“About damn time!” was my response.

So this fall, I made the short trek up to Mount Horeb, WI to take their engagement photos.

Emily and Casey1





They will be married this August!


Location: Mount Horeb, WI

Camera: Canon 50D, 50mm lens

Tips and Tricks:

  • Overcast skies are GREAT for outside sessions
  • If you are going to wade thru a field, don’t wear black
  • Always bring a lint roller

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