Engagement Session: Katelyn and Andre

Hello Friends!

I wanted to talk about another engagement session I did awhile back. It was for two of my best friends, Katelyn and Andre.

I knew Katelyn and Andre from kindergarten. Oh yeah, long time friends. Katelyn was already reading in kindergarten and Andre could recite all the presidents of the United States, forwards and backwards. Andre and I didn’t really connect I think until we were older but Katelyn and I bonded quickly, probably because we have the same name (My real name is Kaitlin, but I go by Kaitie). Katelyn and I were inseparable for years, my family even called us the Twinkies (a weird nickname developed from “Twin Katie’s).

Anyways, we all went to the same Catholic School, our kindergarten class was a group of 28 kids, but by the time we got to 6th grade, there was only 12 of us. We were like a tight knit family at this point. But then, towards the end of our 6th grade year, I “strongly encouraged not to return next year.” So the next year, I made the terrifying transfer to the public school and Katelyn transferred with me.

We were all reunited in High School (because there was only one high school in town) and the group was back together! After 4 years of dating other people and a failed prom invite, Katelyn and Andre went on their first date that day after graduation. And BOOM! It was love!

They made a long distance relationship/engagement work through their college years and were married last summer!

Here is their engagement photos we did a couple of Autumns ago.









Location: Eau Claire, WI – Big Falls Park

Camera: Canon 50D, 50mm lens

Tips and Tricks:

  • If you have to shoot in the afternoon with bright sunlight by yourself, its okay to under expose, you can always digitally lighten things up. If you have someone with you, bring a few dark reflectors!!!!
  • Know your surroundings – I almost backed up into the river/waterfall a few times
  • Always watch for candid moments (the first two photos here were candid moments)

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