Portraits: Nikki

Hello Friends,

So I can’t remember in I mentioned this in other posts, but this is actually how I got started freelancing.  Back when I was in college, I was in a Greek Fraternity for Women, and one of my sisters who was in theater and drama asked me if I could take her head shots. I said yes because 1.) I needed practice with human models, 2.) I needed practice in the studio and with studio lights, 3.) of course I’m gonna help a sista out! and 4.) I needed a little extra cash.

Nikki here, was one of my first models/head shots ever (Sorry these were taken 3 or so years back!). She was awesome to work with! She made everything easy for me – We laughed probably more than we shot, she wasn’t afraid to be goofy or try different stuff, she dealt with my inexperience.






6238 6282





Location: Platteville, WI

Camera: Canon 50D

Tips in tricks:

  • When working with an amazon (like I did with Nikki, she was about a foot taller than me) try poses on the floor if they are comfortable with it, and don’t be afraid to use a step stool
  • Always have a stable step stool if you are a shortie like me (5’3” baby!)
  • You gotta start somewhere, it’s okay to be inexperienced. Lord knows I’m still learning.

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