Portraits: Baby Zoey

Hello Friends!

This is the second Baby session I got to do!

And I must say it was still a learning curve. Baby Zoey here wasn’t a newborn when this session, she was three or four months old. And she was full full full of energy! And I must say, when she’s old she’s gonna be a runner or a soccer player or maybe even a kick boxer. Why do I say this? That’s all she wanted to do – kick and move and giggle. But we did tire her out and got some nice sleepy shots.

Meet Baby Zoey!



Location: Wauwautosa, WI

Camera: Cannon 50D

Tips and Tricks:

  • I probably have already this, but PATIENCE. Be patient as a monk, if not for the babies, for the parents.
  • If you have a portable backdrop kit like me, which is seriously awesome, take the freaking time to iron the fabric backdrops and fold them nicely, your editing time will thank you.
  • Sometimes you just have to let the baby kick it out – let them kick, kick, kick until they are still – then take a couple of quick shots

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