Wedding: Becky and Ben

Hello Friends,

Here is the second wedding I have ever done. This the August of 2012, so almost a year after my first wedding. And I’m please to say that you can see my growth as a photographer here.

These two were both great friends of mine. Becky was another one of my many SAI sisters and Ben was actually my boss person when I worked at the cafeteria in college. Funny enough, I knew them at the same time and knew they were dating a Becky and a Ben, but never put the pieces that they were dating each other until almost a year and a half after they started dating!

They kept their wedding small and I luckily had a friend helping me that day, which was super awesome in comparison to the first wedding. Anyways, what I also loved was that for their unity ceremony they made a PB & J sandwich!

Here are some highlights from that adventure:



94851 95281

8613 8655



They are starting to make their Unity PB&J Sandwich 








Tips and Tricks:

  • If at all possible, ALWAY HAVE A SECOND SHOOTER!!!! This will make life sooooooo much better and you can cover more of the event, trust me on this
  • Pack sun screen, if not for you and your potential second shooter, for the bride as well
  • Pack sunglasses, if not for you and your potential second shooter, for the bride and groom as well, especially during an August wedding.

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