Portraits: Hilary

Hello Friends!

Here is another blast from the past. I thought it would work with the Throw Back Thursday thing going on.

Here we have Hilary, another one of my talented, amazing SAI sisters. Not only does she have a beautiful voice but her acting skills are equally amazing. She was referred by Nikki, thus making her my second ever “model.” She too needed head shots for some up coming theater work. She needed photos and I needed more experience.

I remember this shoot was pretty fun and I think we laughed more than actually shot but that’s okay!

9673  9679

9691  9780

9781bw  9784




9853 9875




Location: Platteville, WI

Camera: Canon 50D

Tips and Tricks:

  • Shoes are overrated, especially when the client is wearing awesome socks
  • Don’t forget outfit changes. I think Hilary had like 4 outfits and we only remembered like two of them
  • If you can’t seek higher ground when the client/model is towering over you, bring the game to an even playing field



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