Portraits: Erin

Hello Friends!

For any of you out there that got snowed on, I hope you are enjoying the spring time weather! That’s right its 30 degrees in Wisconsin and I have retired my winter jacket for my North Face Fleece. Gotta love it.

Anyways, I have another blast from the past. This session was for Erin, who was not an SAI sister (it’s a surprise, I know!) but she was friends with my SAI sisters Nikki and Hilary! She also needed some head shots done for a theater gig and was referred to me.

As I was going through all the shots from this session I saw more candid and hilarious photos than anything else. It shouldn’t have surprised me because Erin is freaking hilarious. Seriously, she could have outshone Ben Stiller in Zoolander.

So here are some of the more serious headshot worthy products from our 2011 session:

6296 6299

6307 6309

6330 6336

6368 6397

6401 6435


Location: Platteville, WI

Camera: Canon 50D

Tips and Tricks

  • If you end up on the floor laughing, keep your camera in the safety zone at all times
  • Ask your client if any of their tattoos need to be covered up – in this case she wasn’t sure, so I gave her a mix of some photos with her tattoo showing and others without it showing
  • Invest in different chairs for props. Seeing that I was using the school’s studio at the time and we had like only two chairs and two stools to use, I didn’t have much choice then. But seriously. Props. Invest in them.

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