Engagement Session: Katie and Jeff

Hello Friends!

So back when we were wishing it was summer (and now we were are wishing for fall here in good old WI) I did an engagement session for my lovely, beautiful, talented SAI Pledge Sister, Katie.

I met Katie in Marching Band/Color Gaurd our freshman year in college. A bag full of adventures and a year later, along with two other wonderful ladies, we became the Alpha Beta Class of Sigma Alpha Iota. And when sisters need some help, whether it be a shoulder to cry on or a photography model, they are there to help you! Katie has modeled for me a number of times. A couple of times for homework assignments, once to help me get an internship with a jewelry designer, and a few conceptual pieces. She was actually Orgullo (Pride) in my Dia de los Muertos shoot.

During my last year in college, she started dating Jeff. I didn’t met Jeff right away but heard nothing but good things. I knew Jeff was legit awesome though when I finally did meet him. We were getting ready for an SAI event (I think) and Jeff was over at Katie’s house. I started a conversation with him that led to us talking about Mario Kart, Lord of the Rings, and Marvel/DC movies coming out. As we were leaving the house, I believe, I may have exclaimed, “KATIE HE IS A KEEPER!”

So are some photos from that chilly Fall day










Location: Platteville WI

Camera: Canon 50 D

Tips and Tricks:

  • Consider bringing a fleece throw blanket that can roll up really tiny so it can fit in your camera case. Because it could come in handy when you are tromping around in tall grass.
  • Bring extra fully charges batteries. Yeah it was fall weather, but cold is cold. And cold will eat away your battery life.
  • Eye Fi cards are beyond the wisest investment I have ever made. Check them out!



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