Portraits: Couples – Tyler and Kayla

Hello Friends!

So earlier this year in the Spring, my little brother asked me a very random question: Would you do photos for me and Kayla?

Of course I said yes because
1.) He is my brother and I love him.
2.) If I said no, Mom would find out and then I would have to do them anyways
3.) Its more practice.

I didn’t ask why, but from the gossip me and mom shared,  we pieced together that Tyler and Kayla wanted some nice photos together because they were going to be apart for a year if not more once September hit. My brother is a year ahead of her school wise and is currently doing his hospital clinicals in a different part of the state.

Now, this is all sweet and all, but I found it a little weird. It was a “couples” session not an engagement session. Like where do you draw the line there? Is it like an amped up “senior” session with a few smooches in there? Or is it a played down on the romance front “engagement” session?

I even asked my brother if he was going to propose to her during the photos. He laughed and said no, and I would have known if he was going to. Besides, he couldn’t keep a secret like that from me. I’m much too nosey.

It was also weird because I was photographing my baby brother and his serious girlfriend, who is pretty much the bomb-diggity.

Here is some photos from that day:


Camera: Canon 50 D

Location: LaCrosse, WI

Tips and Tricks:

  • I found out, even if you are shooting your brother, they are still a client. It was easier to shoot once I started thinking of him as a client vs. a sibling
  • Remind your clients to wear stuff they are comfortable in, new shoes are great, but maybe not for an active session like we had (hence why they took off their shoes)
  • Always have a mini first aid kick in your photo bag in case of new-shoe-blisters

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