Trash the Dress: Gabbie and Dan



For their 1 year anniversary, Gabbie and Dan wanted to do something special. They, and by they, I mean Gabbie, wanted to do a Trash the Dress session. We talked about it one day at work, I thought she was joking. We sent up a date towards the end of summer and that was the last we really talked about it. About a month before the date she sent me emails and Pinterest pins of trash the dress sessions. I asked her maybe a thousand times if she was sure she wanted to do it. And her response was HELL YEAH every time.

The day of the shoot, we go out to their hunting land and start our very muddy shoot. After charging through a mud puddle on the ATV, our friend Sarah, who I may very well make my assistant in the future, asked Gabbie if she had told her mom about this. Gabbie, smiling mischievously, responds, “NOPE!” and splashed down into the mud.

We sent her mother a text message of Dan holding up a sign next to Gabbie’s very muddy dress “I’m sorry! I tried!”


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