About me: I’m Kaitie, I’m a 27 year old freelance photographer and graphic designer in southern Wisconsin. I am originally from northern Wisconsin near Superior,WI/Duluth, MN where we have five, sometimes six, months of winter and one of the major highlights for my hometown was getting a new Walmart.

About the name: Disueño wasa happy accident. I have a degree in Spanish (non-teaching) and during some of my college courses my one professor would laugh at me slightly whenever I would try to say the Spanish word for “design” which is diseño. Finally I asked him why he would laugh. And he said I always pronouncing it like I was trying to say dream and design at the same time. The Spanish word for dream is “sueño.” So I would end up saying “disueño.” So I thought it would be perfect, like is was a hybrid made up word for designed dream or created dream.



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