I remember I butted heads with one of my college professors on this extremely my junior and senior year. From what I understood then (we all fall victim to selective hearing and selective understanding) Photographers and Designers should have a niche and a style. I agree that your style should be recognizable. But I also feel that you should be a jack of all trades.

Here, on this site, I am displaying the work I do. As you can see, I want to do it all – Portraits, landscapes, little things, weddings, engagements, and more.



I started doing engagement photos when my best friend, Abbey, told me her brother was engaged and handed them my phone number. I was a sophomore/junior in college and had barely any experience with doing “commercial” photography or working in the studio. I was up front with them, but they said it didn’t matter. And … Continue reading Engagement


Since I am a freelancer, and it’s just me, myself and I, weddings are hard to do. But I have done a few weddings and am looking forward to doing more and getting more experience!  


This is how I started out doing freelance work. In college, I needed practice working in a studio environment and working with people. It was terrifying working with models, with people in general and I had to get comfortable. Well, some of my friends in the theater department needed head shots done for auditions and … Continue reading Portraits


As much as I love doing “commercial” photography like portraits and whatnot, I love doing more artist conceptual art with my photography. You can check out everything I’ve done on my DeviantArt Account, I try to update regularly but no promises. Here are three “series” I’ve done that are my absolute favorites… Words Bad Touch … Continue reading Conceptual


I am more than a shutterbug!