I’m a jack of all trades – I’ve done everything from weddings to newborns to conceptual work. And I want to keep doing it all! So if you have an idea or inquiry – contact me!

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My Photography Bucket List

  • Photograph every sunrise and every sunset for a whole month
  • Complete a 365 day project
  • Do a session with my Opa’s film camera
  • Do aerial photography with a drone
  • Photograph a Super Moon
  • Photograph the northern lights
  • Have my work shown in a gallery
  • Photograph penguins in Antarctica
  • Photograph every national park in the USA
  • Get published in a photography magazine
  • A Secret/Surprise Proposal
  • A winter wonderland wedding
  • Photograph a creative, mystical, maternity session in the 9th month
  • Be the photographer for a same sex wedding
  • Do a superhero conceptual piece with some kiddos